BSNADV - Law Firm Management System

BNSADV is a Law firm management system that required multiple programmers and designers to be completed. The main structure was developed using PHP 5.4, and Bootstrap as well as jQuery for the front-end (except for the e-mail module that was developed using VueJS).

The modules I developed for this platform were:

  • Chat: Real time chat in which users can use emoticons, audio and other files, running on a node.js server with The front-end was developed using jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Finances: A complete financial system that covers everything from simple payment methods to a cash flow system that can interpret and calculate bills that are unique, installments or permanent.
  • E-mail: Users can save their e-mail info (passwords are encrypted and then saved to a database) and have full access to e-mails using this system. IMAP protocol was used to communicate with the e-mail server in order to guarantee the sync between all e-mail clients. Unlike the rest of the BSNADV platform, the e-mail front-end was developed using VueJS.
  • Layout: A module that allows users to customize a few options such as menu colors, choose between a fixed side menu or a hidden one, as well as setting the system to run on a full-screen mode.



E-mail's initial page (INBOX)
Write new e-mails
Openned e-mail
Answer/forward e-mail
Notification on header showing unread e-mails
Cash flow screen
Cash flow screen
Cash flow screen with filters
Cash flow screen with filters
Chat users on right side
Messages from users in chat
Layout configuration page
Layout configuration page