Game creator #1

That's my new personal project: create a game creator using Phaser. Goal: allow my 11 years old nephew to create his games without asking me to code it.

This idea came up when I saw some of his drawings and said to him "Hey! Why don't you animate your characters and create a game with it? Let's do this?". Then, after time we ended up with this: Patto, the game - Source code.

I could develop this project where I'm comfortable with, but I want to take this to a next step in terms of knowledge to me: I want to learn typescript properly and use Vue 3 (that's still in beta version while I'm writing this). If a back-end service is needed (and I think it will because of uploading/storing images), I'm willing to do it from scratch using Rust (but I'm also super tempted to use nodejs, as I've never done anything big/complex enough with it, or Strapi - that's super ultra cool and probably would save me some good amount of hours coding).

So, in terms os technology stack, here's my plan:

I'll be sharing all types of things that I see/learn/code here in the blog, but also in my twitter account. Hope you enjoy this journey as I'll do =D